RCI’s Mission

Renewable Community Initiative (RCI) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity dedicated to promoting clean, healthy, and safe energy practices. We seek to use proven renewable technologies and energy conservation measures to improve community health, create sustainable living spaces, and help those most in need of relief from recurring energy bills.

Our Four Programs

RCI’s Mission includes four programs designed to benefit individuals, communities, and the environment, through the use of clean energy technology.

Generate Recurring Positive Cash Flow and Reduce Expenses.

Our first program is intended to reduce energy expenses for other organizations, including not-for-profits, so that they can focus more on benefiting their community. The goal is to permanently reduce the total of all energy bills in all types of existing structures by more than fifty percent (50%). This first program in the RCI Mission Statement will help other not-for-profits, along with other types of organizations, companies of all sizes, and institutions, improve their financial strength and prove they serve local and global communities.

Deliver Reduced Electrical Bills for the Poor and Struggling Middle Class.

program2RCI’s second program will aim to offset recurring energy bills for low and middle-income households by supplying them with solar panels which the property owners will own and receive the maximum financial benefit from (unlike leasing programs, which benefit the utilities and solar contractors but do not serve the best interests of homeowners). These panels will provide free energy, from nature, to homeowners, reducing the amount of electricity that must be purchased to supply the household’s needs. Because RCI will help secure the upfront cost for installation of these technologies, homeowners will see immediate savings on their energy bills. Homeowners living on a fixed income will especially benefit from the savings generated through this program.

Create Zero Energy Cost for Residents of New Affordable Housing

Our third program will be to design and build affordable homes that consume no fossil fuels. These homes will be built to be net-zero, meaning that homeowners will have no electric, heating, cooling, and hot water bills. These savings can increase homeowners’ disposable income by as much as 20%. Additionally, reduction of fossil fuel use through this program will create healthy, sustainable communities, and improve the ecosystems of our planet.

Launch Career Training

program4Our fourth program will launch green career training within communities where RCI is involved with its first three programs. This will create high quality careers for those in need, while contributing to the growing green industry. Working individuals, both young and old, will be able to benefit from the skills and career opportunities provided by this program.

Benefiting Communities and the Planet.

By focusing on clean, renewable energy technologies, along with energy conservation measures, RCI’s programs will reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. As a result, harmful emissions from communities we work with will be reduced, improving the health of our population and planet. The energy savings provided to other not-for-profits, and to homeowners in need, combined with the benefits to local communities and the planet, make RCI’s mission an important step towards building a healthy, equitable, and sustainable future.