Director of Volunteers

Job Title: Director of Volunteers

Employment Type: Volunteer – Long Term

Job Description:
The Director of Volunteers is responsible for coordinating all aspects of the volunteer program. This includes the recruitment, processing, education, retention and coordination of all volunteers. The position works closely with all staff members and volunteers to create a positive and productive atmosphere for volunteers.

Develop a volunteer program for RCI, including:

  • Produce written informational and educational materials for volunteer outreach
  • Respond to all individual volunteer inquiries
  • Maintain volunteer records and statistics in the database
  • Develop and implement formal and informal volunteer appreciation program
  • Monitor and assess the need for volunteer services and suggest program improvements
  • Prepare job descriptions for volunteer positions
  • Monitor volunteer satisfaction
  • Work with staff to handle any volunteer concerns or issues


Links to Resume to Information Technology Director, Susan Berdinka:

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