No Justice for the Poor


By Paul Welch

Renewable Community Initiative, Inc. (RCI) begins 2018 with a new program that is focused on resolving an inhumane condition that has grown, and continues to grow, into a crisis of tragic epic proportions for many residents in Suffolk County, New York. Failure to resolve the crisis, quickly, will continue to condemn the most vulnerable in our society (infants, babies, children, disabled, chronically ill) to a form of daily living whose horrific quality of life is both destructive and unacceptable for those involved. Failure to quickly resolve this growing crisis will transform Suffolk County into a “welfare state” with no strong middle class, leaving only the growing number of poor (this includes the increasing number of elderly on limited fixed incomes) and the growing number of wealthy.

Eliminating the costs for electricity, heating, hot water and cooling is something that can and must be accomplished, beginning now. Along with the conversion to FREE ENERGY will be the installation of OFF-THE-GRID capabilities which will GREATLY ENHANCE THE ABILITY TO SURVIVE (Puerto Rico) and the ELIMINATION OF SICK BUILDING SYNDROME which is causing the most vulnerable to become sicker and prematurely die. Dramatically reducing the taxes for the poor and struggling middle classes is something all politicians in Suffolk County must begin and accomplish now. The courts must stop throwing people out of their homes-people who are not wealthy cannot legally defend themselves against those of wealth. In Suffolk County during these past ten years THERE HAS BEEN NO EQUAL JUSTICE FOR THE POOR AND STRUGGLING MIDDLE CLASS! The new county district attorney can restore EQUAL JUSTICE if he has what it takes.

RCI along with the help of the business community, investors, and donors will devote their combined efforts to help resolve the existing crisis of tragic epic proportions. It has been said by J.M. Prausnitz that “engineering is the application of science for human benefit” which is the spirit that will drive the RCI contributions powered by the essential monetary fuel, drive, and innovations provided by enlightened businesses, investors, and contributors.


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